Paul Tudor Jones---Religious??

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  1. Hi,

    Ran across a book named "the chain of kindness" by Paul Tudor Jones. It appears to be a religious ( christian ) themed book.

    It's out of print and I am unable to find any additional information. Is this the same PTJ of Tudor Investments?


  2. Same PTJ of Tudor Investments.
    Book written between '91 & '92.
    Available at selected Family Christian Centers or Amazon
    It guides people on Christian sharing.
    Good read if you are a Christian.
  3. Cool...did not know this....I will have to pick this book up and read it!

    Amen Brothers!
  4. just21


    Has anybody digitised his video and created a torrent yet?
  5. thanks for the info, however, our research is indicating that it is another PTJ and not the PTJ of Tudor Investments. A preacher named Paul Tudor Jones published a series of lectures/books in the 1950's-60's.

    Obviously, a different person, and its likely this is the person who wrote the referenced book.


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    The Paul Tudor Jones who wrote the book was the uncle and namesake of the Paul Tudor Jones the trader. He was a well known preacher in Memphis TN.
  7. Yeah, not the same guy. Only the pope can get away with being that rich and christian.
  8. I believe you folks have the wrong person in mind.

    Paul "Two-Door" Jones is a registered sex offender, used car salesman and scam artist living in Washington State. He is known in the enforcement community for a scam in which he "testifies" to older women, telling them that he has been sent by God to deliver them from the scourge of breast cancer. He tells them that God has come to him in a vision, telling him to perform a "detailed" examination in order to drive Satan (and breast cancer) out of the woman's body. He goes on to say that the "exam" must be performed in the back seat of one of the used cars on the lot where he works. Strangely, a significant number of the women he has approached, have agreed to the "examination". Some have even claimed to have been "healed" and to have experienced increased breast size as a result of the exam, calling it "God's will"..

    Ho Ho Ho
    Merry Christmas
  9. this reminds me ...

    one of the "richie" options brothers

    ( you would need to be an old school trader of futures and options to know who I am talking about )

    wrote a book yrs ago
    on his christian life

    I think it was called "god in the pits"

  10. thanks for the info, chud.


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