Paul Tudor Jones having a bad year?

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by a529612, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Has anyone heard that rumor? How bad are we talking about?
  2. a bad year for him is only being up 10%.....................Eli taught him well.......
  3. Who's Eli? Is that his grandfather who was a stockbroker?
  4. RedDuke


    where did you get this info?
  5. Short for Elijah. Taught him how to call down the fire.

  6. Who is Elijah? Maybe I will see if he can train me too. Does he have any trading videos? Or a website? Elijah?

  7. a famous cotton trader in New Orleans who traded on the New Orleans Cotton exchange back in the day.
  8. RedDuke


    I think Eliah was mentioned in Wizard book.

    Any way, where is the info about him having bad year coming from.
  9. usdBull


    I'm having a great year, not sure where you are getting your info.

  10. LOL!
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