Paul Tudor Jones bought tech

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    I doubt Jones has anything to do with those buys other than hiring the guy who made the decision. He's said before that he's not a stock picker -- "as far as risk in the stock market, that's not my core competency, so I'm really not a great person to ask. "

    This article just sounds like an ad for the guy's website. And I'd hardly say that AAPL, 10% off alltime highs, is "down and out on Wall Street."
  2. =====================

    True, no doubt;
    but its worth looking at, because Paul T Jones said to Schwager he got interested in trading with an article about Rich Dennis.

    Actually use YHOO for data double check, end of day & 52week chart looks pretty good for a long;
    but perhaps its a small long position compared to a much larger short position???:cool: :p
  3. yahoo and aapl have most everything going for them.