Paul Tudor Jones 1987 video Youtube!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by boris, Sep 29, 2009.

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  2. Didn't PTJ kick this video of youtube some weeks ago ?

    Let's see how long this one stays ...
  3. This is great stuff. Thanks.

    I swear that, in video 2 of 6, at the 7:20 mark, the guy is up early in the morning making a multi-million dollar bet against d-mark and it appears he is drinking budweiser.
  4. Its funny how Pauls analysist had the DOW under 500 points in 1991. They though 87 was the next depression.

    wonder what that says about 2009??
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    hahahah, i saw that too. I didnt think anyone else noticed that, theres a shot where you can see the corner of the budweiser, then later in the scene hes drinking something else but he was definetely trading with a beer in his hand which is very cool.
  6. thanks for pointing to those video's.
    this is great stuff
  7. this buds for you

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  8. Thank you boris
  9. Notice he was doing trades by phone instead of a computer. LOL
  10. PTJ exhibits quite a bit of arrogance in these videos. It is that behavior and the similar behaviours of his lemmings like Alan Palmer that made me 10s of millions.

    Thank you PTJ and Richie (buttboy) Dennis.
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