Paul Ryan's plan

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Maverick74, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Maverick74


    So I've been listening to all the pros and cons of the Paul Ryan plan on both the left and the right. First, it seems like Romney has his own plan and will NOT use Ryan's plan except maybe parts of it.

    But here's the part that the press (liberals) are not talking about. First, as we all know now after I straightened our fellow liberals out that his plan affects ZERO current seniors, his plan also is OPTIONAL! Anyone under the age of 55 can CHOOSE to be on his plan or keep their normal social security. The left wing media is struggling to mention this. Did I say struggling? Bad choice of words. They are absolutely leaving this out. So if you want to keep social security the way that it is and you are under the age of 55, you can keep it! If you don't want it, you can change it. The "choice" is yours. I thought the left was "pro-choice"? Oh my bad, that's only when it comes to genocide. Carry on...