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  1. I wish I could write my own ad. It would say, "When it comes to Medicare which plan do you prefer? The Paul Ryan Plan or The Nancy Pelosi Plan?"

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  2. anyone who wasnt on drugs would prefer the current medicare plan over what ryan has proposed.
  3. I aint talking about now, I'm talking about fifteen years from now. Yes, I agree, wouldn't it be nice if we could just do what we have been doing with no consequences.
  4. we can. the fix is easy. means test it and do something about end of life costs. that last few months is costly the way we do it now.
    you are assuming that ryans plan would work better. you cant know that especially since his numbers do not add up.
  5. So is that Nancy Pelosi's plan? Funny, I have never heard her come up with that or speak about it publicly. Do you think it may be that if she ever mentioned something like you are talking about she would never be elected again?

    I remember back in the 80's no democrat would agree to means testing because they viewed it as a stigma (only the poor would receive benefits.)

    I didn't ask for a good solution, I asked for Nancy Pelosi's solution. As far as I can tell it is, "Do nothing." (presumabably because when SHTF she will be retired and living large.)

    And you call yourself progressive. What's progressive about doing nothing until the money runs out?
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    According to the most recent estimates from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, ObamaCare will reduce Medicare spending by $713 billion between 2013 and 2022, relative to prior law. These cuts directly affect current retirees. By contrast, both the Romney and Wyden-Ryan plans only affect retirees younger than 55.

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    Pelosi has a plan?
  8. The Pelosi plan is similar to what I've seen some companies do with their equipment maintenance. It's called, run to failure. No preventative maintenance at all. Then, when the equipment goes down they all run around screaming, whose job was this to see this didn't happen? Naturally, it's the hourly maintenance mechanic who fucked up. The guy who kept saying, this thing ain't running like it used to. Of course, the corporate policy of run to failure had nothing to do with it.
  9. thats silly. i have had 4 parents go through the medicare system. 3 to the end of life and one close. the medicare system works great and its generous. maybe too generous.
    the only problem with it is cost control and i think we can solve that with political will.

    ryans plan junks perfectly good irreplaceable equipment and subs the job out to private business whos only goal is to rake 15-20% off the top and then make money by exclusion.
  10. We're not talking about the Ryan plan. We're talking about the Pelosi plan of doing nothing. Similar to, we must pass the bill before we can know what's in it.
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