Paul Ryan is crucifying Steven Miller

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  1. If Steven Miller doesnt end up in the big house after this id be amazed Paul Ryan is absolutely killing him, the guy was already asked by congress when he already knew conservatives were targeted, whether or not he knew, and he said he didnt, Paul Ryan is just killing him.
  2. Miller pulls the clinton defense "depends what the definition of "IS" is.

    Update 10:07 a.m. EDT: Look out. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), chair of the House Budget Committee, reads Miller the timeline of his statements to, and correspondence with, Congress, noting when he became aware of the IRS's abuses. He notes that Miller's obligation is to tell "the whole truth" and not to omit or cover up any known facts. "How can we not conclude that you misled this committee?"

    Miller says that he did not, arguing that the targeting or harassment "implies political motivation." Ryan goes back to the documents--Mille was specifically asked what he was "aware of." Miller says his understanding was not about the unfair treatment but about the treatment of the complaints from the groups involved.

    Again, Ryan goes back to the timeline, noting that Miller had been briefed already by the time he responded to the committee that conservative groups were being targeted--"You knew that, but you did not mention that to this committee." Miller maintains that he answered truthfully. (It is an increasingly unconvincing response.)
  3. Pretty comical that filthy tax cheat charlie rangel is even on this committee

    Update 9:58 a.m. EDT: Rep. Charles Rangel, a tax cheat himself, turns the Democrats' performance on the committee into a true theater of the absurd by pleading Miller's case and insisting on hearing his story of personal persecution. A bit of projection, apparently, from Mr. Rangel, who provokes laughter by bungling the name of the Democrats' most-hated-case, Citizens United.
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    "Yes, I was aware that my agency was paying closer attention to overtly political groups, funded by Koch brother money, that were after tax-exempt status, a granting of which would be a violation of the law. Guilty as charged."
  5. One thing i always find funny about this hearings is how a bunch of lying scumbag congressmen all express outrage because someone lied to them.
  6. Well miller makes a good revelation and point: the IRS is in the business of targeting or harassment in the first place.
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    I noticed Charlie was rather enjoying himself this week when he is going before the press telling them Obama needs to come clean on these scandals, very similar to what Obama told Charlie when he had his own issues. He seemed rather gleeful about it.
  8. Targeting groups with Kock brother’s involvement makes as much sense as doing an extra search on a young Pakistani man with no luggage buying a one way ticket on an American Airlines flight out of Washington DC.
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    Lol, that is true.
  10. Yeah especially given the koch brothers long history of breaking the tax laws..... oh wait a minute, such a history does not exist.
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