Paul Ryan, deficit-cutter? Here are his votes on the Wall Street bailout, Bush tax cu

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  1. ryan talks a good game but how does he vote. if a republican requests more spending for wars and such he is all for it.

    Ryan, who was chosen today as Mitt Romney's running mate, is regarded as a visionary among grassroots conservatives, and one of the intellectual leaders of the conservative movement. But there is much in Ryan's record that undercuts his image as a reformer and deficit-cutter, including his votes on the Bush tax cuts, Iraq War, Wall Street bailout and Medicare Part D, among others:
  2. Is he gay?
  3. Obama will be taking advantage of these facts :)
  4. Ryan and a lot of senators have a lot to learn. They obviously over think their votes- and go against their principles due to threats.

    When will republicans lean you don't vote your enemies choice just because their playbook has something more radical on their wish list.

    "gee mr Nazi I'll stand just inside the door so you won't have to push me into the back of the showers"
  5. He's got that look. But unless they're flaming I can't tell. It seems women are good at knowing who is gay.