Paul Rotter in 2010

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  2. Nice article. Paul is a good guy and will blossom in Singapore. I predict Mr. Rogers, Mr. Lee and Mr. Rotter will become dinner buddies really soon.

    He's a trend trader too!! :D

    With Paul moving to Singapore anyone out there looking to open a trading shop there should have their people already in place because once Paul gets there, the crème de la crème will disappear.
  3. I enjoyed the read. Thanks for sharing!
  4. What mr lee?

    everyone seems to be moving to Asia nowadays
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    I like Rotter too. I don't know if there is a trader I admire more.
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    Very interesting article and I don't know a lot about this guy.

    He seems to be a "manual high frequency trader", has anyone got a bit more info about his trading style ?

    I understand he's a member of exhanges, is he a market-maker ?

  7. thanks interesting article.

    i quite like his repsonse to this question.

    i must agree with him - i think this is a big issue.

    TraderDaily: Long Term Capital Management’s Andrew Meriwether said in an interview with Michael Lewis that the downfall of LTCM was partly the result of copycat activity by executing brokers the firm had to use after the traders left Slomon Brothers. How do you avoid losing your “secret sauce” to institutions that clear or execute your trades?

    Rotter: Unfortunately, I have always had worries about other participants watching my activity. It could be the clearer, the broker, the software provider, or even some technical staff at these companies. The main protection is to have accounts at different brokers so nobody knows your exact position. Generally, I try to get in and out of large trades pretty quickly to avoid that anybody [attempting] to trade against me, but I am never sure.
  8. Prime Minister Lee
  9. Hey Davy . . . . how's your buddy Madoff doing lately?
  10. .

    No I will leave bilking people out of their money up to you. You are a far better con than Bernie. You just haven't been caught yet.
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