Paul Newman passed away

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  1. R.I.P. He was one of the good ones and a class act.
  2. did he go up or down? his maker will be the sole arbiter :cool:
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    i usually question the adulation of celebrities....

    but, this guy was entertaining. More importantly he used his fame and capitalism to benefit charities.

    I thought that was honorable and a great ways to use the markets. I enjoyed his products.
  5. Great actor, The Sting, Color of Money, probably best in Cool Hand Luke.....wait a minute, most of his best roles were as gamblers and con-men?
    Never realized he was that typecast.

    His "Newmans Own" Caesar salad dressing and spaghetti sauces are great, to.

    He had a good run, entertained millions, drove race cars, and fed a lot of people delicious stuff, for charity. That's not a bad innings.

    Good onya, Mr Newman.