Paul Krugman Wonders If Boehner, Other Republicans Are 'Manchurian Candidates'

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  1. Appearing on "Martin Bashir" Friday afternoon, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman said that Republican leaders' economic policy is so destructive that "sometimes you do wonder if these guys are moles –Manchurian Candidates – for I don’t know who." (Watch above.)

    Krugman also called lawmakers who think austerity programs will jumpstart the economy "completely deluded."
  2. Brass


    You mean you don't revive a dying man who has almost no pulse by drawing his lifeblood and perhaps removing an organ or two? Who knew!
  3. Anyone else notice an Aryan look about that Boehner guy.:mad:.
  4. You have to wonder about guys like Krugman. He says Boehner is essentially working for a foreign power, yet the guy he supports is a former muslim who grew up in Indonesia, was mentored by communists and admitted terrorists, worked for a crooked thug organization, ACORN, and has done nothing but bend over for the islamist world since being elected. If there are any Manchurian candidates, I would be pretty sure they were being financed by George Soros.

    At least Boehner, Michele Bachmann et al can produce a valid birth certificate, which is more than you can say for Krugman's candidate.
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    Lol, birther.
  6. Brass


    He wears it as a figurative badge of honor. Not unlike people who take pride in their facial piercings and regard them as marks of distinction.
  7. Right, probably a valid birth certificate for Switzerland. Perhaps that is the foreign power Krugman was thinking of.
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    Nothing of consequence going on in Canada today eh?
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    What Krugman forgets is that our debt is so high, we don't have the luxury of choice to spend more. Thanks to 40 years of Democrat entitlement, expanded under Bush, our debt is so huge, only an idiot would propose spending more. If Krugamn were a medical Dr, he would probably be saying we need to "bleed the patient some more". Hell, if he's so damn sure spending is the answer, then just have the govt send everyone a check for $100,000. What a f'ing idiot.

  10. Ricter


    See also: Austerity, Failure of.
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