Paul Krugman Tells it like it is

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    Much like the honest conservatives who were against Iraq (after no WMD's were found) and Bush's big government Paul Krugman is honest and does not dedicate his entire intellect to the defense of Obama.

    Rather he searches for truth within the principles he believes in. Somewhat stunning isn't it?
  2. can't put the genie back in the bottle

    the time to act was when the scumbags were raping the system

    too many morons, thieves and liberals around to have done that.

    now time to suffer.

    ps, who can listen to that imbecile cramer and the moronic sound effects.

    that he has an audience is empirical PROOF that we are vastly outnumbered by assholes.

    which is actually the problem. though almost no one talks about it.
  3. hey, want proof that the world is full of assholes and they start real young?

    Jenny Morgan, a senior at Pasadena Memorial High School, died in December.

    Vickie Morgan believes the “choking game” cost her teenage daughter her life.

    "We fully believe Jenny was doing it for peer pressure. She wanted to be accepted," said the teen’s mother.

    To play the choking game you 'choke' someone or 'choke' yourself. After a short time, you pass out.

    Experts say that some teens do it for a brief 'high.' The CDC reports that nearly 100 people have died from playing this deadly game.
  4. LOL!

    You agree with Krugman on one op-ed piece and now you say Krugman is searching for truth?

    Too freaking funny...

  5. He searches for truth within the principles he believes in.

    If you are a socialist than you search for the best possible ways to implement socialism.

    You are also honest about what you want and believe in unlike you, thunderdog and Landis.

    I can respect a socialist who is honest about it and has a sincere interest in finding the best solutions to the theory.

    You however cannot understand the appreciation for another person based on honest principles because you have none.

    The only principle you have is defending Obama at all costs by shooting down the other side.

    Have you ever once questioned Obama?

    An intellectual questions all their leaders and they certainly do not make it a hobby of shooting down anyone who disagrees with them. You complain about Rush and Fox News but you are of the exact same breed.
  6. You remain a child.

    Have I questioned Obama?


    Ask saxon...

  7. " can respect a socialist who is honest about it and has a sincere interest in finding the best solutions to the theory. "

    a perfect example of this is Senator Bernie Sanders (Independent-VT), a self proclaimed socialist, and a decent guy.

    He teamed up with right wing Charles Grassley on this bill

    Bailed-Out Banks Looking for Low-Wage Migrant Workforce

    By Mischa Gaus, Labor Notes. Posted March 3, 2009.

    Bailed-out banks are replacing whole divisions of local tech workers with contractors on visas. As hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars flow into rickety U.S. banks, public outrage has followed revelations that executives planned to spend the money on Vegas getaways, $35,000 toilets, and fat bonuses.

    Less attention has been paid to how these bailed-out banks are driving down tech workers' wages -- and stoking anti-immigrant hostilities -- while laying off tens of thousands of workers.

    Banks that took public money sought about 4,200 visas for skilled workers from abroad in the 2008 fiscal year, according to an Associated Press investigation. In response, Senators Bernie Sanders and Charles Grassley attached to the latest round of bailout funds a requirement that banks must try to find U.S. workers first, and not displace them three months before or after taking public funds.
  8. Krugman unlike the vast majority of his party realizes and is honest about the fact that Obama has not come up with any type of concrete banking plan.

    This is the core issue of the economy and the media or the Obama supporters don't even mention it.

    I don't think he is searching for the best solution considering he is a socialist but i do respect the guy because he is honest unlike the Obama supporters here.
  9. Is it logically possible that Obama knows more about what is actually going on with the banks than you do?

    Is it possible that Obama and his advisers are tying to prevent a bank run?

    A major bank is going to fail soon, probably Citibank, and controlling the fear of the public is job number one.

    People can handle a stock market correction, but do you know what would happen if there were a run on the banks?

  10. How you do not see the conflict among your answer is beyond me.

    If controlling the fear of the public and stopping a run on the banks is job number one then why hasn't Obama and his team provided the banks and the country with a banking plan?

    If his plan is to create zombie banks for years and possibly decades putting chains around the tax payer then just say it. Obama is too idealist, populist and spineless to accept the opportunity cost of anything.

    You can speak in "what if's" and "maybe's" all day long but when you yourself don't even know what Obama's plan is considering your complete lack of any substance in defense of Obama there is a problem.
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