Paul Judd Bond Trading Strategies

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by wavetrader, Mar 24, 2004.

  1. Has anybody ever heard of this guy or tried his methods?

    Is he really good as his clients say he is?

  2. T-REX


    I think I got him beat though.:D

    do you subscribe to his newsletter?
  3. I checked it out ... It looks OK.

    He offers a money back guarantee so I think your safe.

    I might just try it myself :)
  4. Why? Are you doing really well in your bond trading? Or have you tried his methods?
  5. 007Arb


    Paul Judd? You gotta be kidding. See the attached link. And also check for other enforcement actions against him. I asked once before, who do we blame? The dream merchants and their bogus promises of unlimited wealth or the navie they prey upon who want to be believe as true that which they want to be true.
  6. LOL

    You see that's what makes this forum so GREAT.

    Thanks 007Arb for sharing that.
  7. Thanks 007Arb. That's just what I wanted to find out. It just seems too good to be true, and so it is.
  8. genejef


    Hi, wavetrader

    If you are a futures trader and you need iformation about some "gurus", go to and see what complaints there are-if any-
    Also do a search with GOOGLE entering "complains and evaluation", than the name (person or company) you are interested in.
  9. wdscott


    My sister-in-law works for Cassette Productions, a division of Gunthy Renker (the infomercial Company), and at one time, they reproduced cassettes and videos for Paul Judd and Larry Williams. She showed me Paul Judds workbooks and study materials. What a joke. absolutely worthless information.

    A slap on the wrist and a $10,000 fine, what a joke. According to my sister in law, Paul Judd sold 75-125 courses a month for the two years they handled the line. And can you believe it.....few returns.

    Do the math. It's no wonder these guys continue to pop-up.

    BTW, Nice link on that CFTC order.

    Best Regards,
    Dave Scott
  10. Some of these guys are UNBELIEVABLE.

    After I read the first post on this thread, I called the company and left a message.

    They called me back after I read the post on the cftc complaint.

    I nailed them on it and told them that I knew about it and his -$175,000.00 loses.

    They told me that that was 10 years ago and that it was no big deal and if I was going to let a little thing like that keep me away that I was ridiculous.

    LOL just a little thing like -$175,000 dollars

    It's amazing how arrogant and insulting these people are but GREED is a huge motivator and I bet that lots of people will know about this and still buy it.

    If you do you will be sorry do not make excuses trust your intuition on these things.

    Even their money back guarentee is tricky, stay away.
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