Paul forgotton again

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Wallet, Sep 7, 2011.

  1. Wallet


    Watching BSNBC's post coverage of the Republican debate and wondering if they will mention Ron Paul?

    They have mentioned everyone else and their third cousins twice removed.
  2. Lucrum


    "Forgotten" probably isn't the right choice of words.

    It's blatantly obvious the media, the left and FOX, is anti-Paul.
  3. pspr


    Ron Paul is just too weird for words. He's becoming an angry little man.

    However, I like things about ALL the rest of the candidates.
  4. But he's very entertaining :p
  5. wildchild


    This is awesome.

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  6. 377OHMS


    Fox panned him badly today after he refused to appear to O'Reilly.

    A young journalist was sent to to question Ron Paul about it. He stated that O'Reilly "was not a journalist"

    I agree.

    He (Ron Paul) stated that O'Reilly was mostly just ranting about him.

    I agree.

    Then Ron Paul stated that Bill O'Reilly understood little about economics.

    I totally agree.

    But then the young journalist got Ron Paul to admit that he did not oppose Iran acquiring nuclear weapons and that as President he would remove all sanctions against Iran and "just try to talk to them".

    Any of you see the movie Stir Crazy? A short segment showed Gene Wilder asking about a massive psychotic prisoner and saying "did anyone ever just try to *talk* to him?". I guess Dr. Paul never saw that movie.

    I think the dismissal of Dr. Paul by the MSM is more of an issue of resource management than anything else. They don't want to spend money covering a guy they perceive is not an actual factor in the primary election.

    He's got a few interesting ideas. Beyond that, meh.
  7. 1. Doesn't seem "weird" to me at all.

    2. He has a right to be angry... considering how America is being run.. trampling personal freedoms and the Constitution... greedy & reckless spending.... especially borrowing money to spend to buy political favor. I'm angry, too!

    3. Ron Paul still gets my vote.
  8. This is what most Americans have accepted as normal government. Most individuals act the same as the government. If anyone, the only one is Ron Paul, intends to change that towards responsible government, individuals fear they will have to be responsible for themselves as well.
  9. pspr


    You have a right to your opinion. But, have you seen Paul before he had the operation?

    <img src="">
  10. Say whatever you you want but Paul is the only candidate who would ban affirmative action, bring troops home to put on the border, allow states to deport illegals, mercilessly cut all the retard fluff programs out of the fed, and get serious about the budget.

    Even liberals ought to vote for Paul because he wants to bring the troops home, and would allow individual states the right to charge income taxes and have statewide universal healthcare plans if they wanted them.
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