Pattern recognition

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  1. Is anyone here using pattern recognition techniques to trade real money? What is the best timeframe to apply such analysis?

    Can anyone suggest a good book on this subject and software packages?

    I just got a new job with a hedge fund (1.5 Billion USD under management) as a technical analyst and my first assignment is to explore this area and develop an automated trading system to test under real market conditions.



    its odd that a billion dollar fund would hire someone who knows so little--- labor pool must be getting thin. best wishes!

  3. John

    You might want to take a look at this site.

    Especially some of the links along the left side.

    Good Luck

  4. Profits in the stock market by Gatley
    Larry Pesavento's books.

    Will this
    place hire me??
  5. we have a "gartley pattern " forming on ES that will complete for a short trade at approximately 1528.00....but if it blows through you must reverse....
  6. Heres some analysis for your new job, if 5 turds are floating its a flush
  8. patterson--pattern maybe thats why he was hired???


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