Pattern Recognition for ES developed

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  1. I took various fractals and labeled them, the fractals aren't just from ES, all other markets. Basically its supervised training.

    The idea is to have a running window in real time where a certain time window length is used and the comp constantly runs recognition software to generate signals.

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  5. the software labeled this a bear at a very high level .. but not sure how it did it.. since it looks bullish to common sight.
  6. at the bottom today. es95pred.PNG
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    How is the signal supposed to be used, what window lengths are used and is the prediction of a certain length into the future?
  8. The training is supervised, I manually take snapshots of price structures and than look at what transpired post snapshot focal window. Than I manually label the structures based on what transpired.

    So if you take a snapshot on the open, and it indicated a signal, place entry with that bias, than use risk management based on what would signal a failure of that structure.

    There is a larger timeframe focal window and a shorter timeframe focal window. The bias may differ, so it depends which timeframe your looking at or trading.
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    What exactly is a "snapshot" that is used by your software?
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