pattern of high volatility in ng questions

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by scriabinop23, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. natural gas is doing some very goofy swinging around lately, especially in low volume trading. First off, I'm trading only miNYs, but I have some questions perhaps some more experienced traders can answer:

    1) what looks to be happening at night is that the price is pulled to extremes. The only thing besides demand change or changing news and low volume that can explain this is perhaps buyers and sellers are forcing stop orders to fill. ie, buyers can force the price down in zero volume trading from just 1 or 2 desperate or inexperienced sellers. As the price passes through a large range, stops are filled that accelerate the momentum of the drop. Is my intuition correct? Or is there another explanation to this behavior?

    2) unrelated - any idea on how to see NG contract volume and orders real time on IB ? I only have access to QG.

    3) How is price set on the MiNY's ? Is price movement pegged between the miny and the full set contract with one guiding the other?