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  1. Inverse Head and Shoulder possibility, lest shoulder formed, need to return back to 11040 area, get ready for that move now.
  2. Same thing happened Friday and yesterday. Happened in the last hour of trading.
  3. Lets go move it, next stop 11040 chop chop.
  4. Looks like a struggle but were half way their.
  5. Could I get a little help here. We dont have all day.
  6. Dude, you really need to learn how to short. Sitting around all day looking for imaginary bullish patterns instead of flipping your buy signals and riding the trend seems like a big waste of time.

    Good luck either way though!

  7. boston12


    Dont quit your day job.....oh ...thats dont have one....

    good call today..impressive..really...LOL

    I seemed to have misplaced my calculator...can you tell me :

    1265.60 - 1248.50 = ??????????????????????


  8. 1265 1248= peanuts, for circus clowns.
  9. I can just picture what you were doing yesterday, and this morning when ES was right back were you shorted it at 1264. Great call so far you have netted 10 points in 5 days good job.
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  10. boston12


    1265 -1250 does not =10....equals 15 points....

    What was I doing...watching the mkt come back to my taking zero heat on this worries

    In trading, the bottom line isnt how long it takes you to get profitable on a trade...15 points is 15 points...unlike you I dont scalp 5 lots for 30 ym points..I position trade MUCH LARGER positions over time...

    I love how you say 10 SP points is peanuts, but if you make 30 dow points(roughly 3 sp points) you wont shut up....

    dont be so jealous .......
    #10     Jun 27, 2006