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    Make a wish, it shall come true.

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    please vote on this if you have not.

    remember pdt rules claim to only protect brokers but not to protect small investors. in fact it hurts all small investors, some large investors, and brokers alike but only protect special interest groups.
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    the point here is not that we are advocating day trade. but we do not like any rule prevent our ability trading freely. we want to day trade entering and exiting the market when we fell it is necessary and comfortable. (even though, you may argue that the necessary and comfort we feel is not technically profitable, but that a whole other issue. we do not need a rule to restrict our way to investor and trade) why the pdt rule prevent us doing so even we don't use the bloody sucking margin for stocks and options which is just like credit card load. the only answer is that manipulators do not want you to have that kind of freedom. they lobbied to get this Fascism rule passed. it must end!
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  4. "This poll is closed."

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  5. Yes, I set the poll up to close after 60 days. The graph of responses was consistant throughout the 60 days. Keep in mind also that this poll was put up exactly one month after stock options began being (without advance notice) included in the PDT rule.

    Now, the funny thing is that I was not a daytrader. I traded only options, and I rarely sold them the same day I bought them. Because of this rule, though, I have finally turned to the Single Stock Futures. I find them much easier to profit from than options. The irony is, trading SSF has made me into a daytrader. Yet this I am allowed to do. While with options I was punished for daytrading, which I wasn't.

    Fact is, the time-decay of stock options is as much of a "manipulation" as the daytrader restrictions that have been applied to them. I'm happier with the SSF, and their generous but not excessive margin allowances. I recommend if people have trouble with PDT, options, or cash account trading to look into the SSF and not be intimidated by them. They're simple, fun, and profitable to trade.

    p.s. I never did vote in this poll. Since I created it, that was enough. I left the results of it to be determined by everyone else.
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    Due to the close of this poll (Thanks to FRuiTY PeBBLe for notifying it), please continue voting on the same set of choices in a new thread at,

    Also feel free to discuss the issue in either thread. Thank you.


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