Pattern day trading restriction

Discussion in 'Trading' started by justfortrends, Aug 2, 2012.

  1. Hi,
    I accidently made my fourth day trade today.. while trying open a position. Obviously I have less than $25,000 in my account. Is the 90 day restriction just for the particular account, or does it apply to every account I own?
  2. They will reset it for you sometimes if you ask. But most Beokers will only do it once
  3. I can see why the brokers would want to do that but wouldn't they be fined by the SEC? I was thinking of moving my money to another account to get around this.
  4. No I think they are allowed to once. Etrade did it for me when I used to use them. If its going to happen again just use two brokers. Or just do your best to get 25k