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  1. I have an account at IB that was flagged PDT.

    They tell me that once it is flagged it can not be converted back to a regular account :confused:

    Is this true.
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    You've crossed the line. All is lost now.
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    "An SEC designation applying to any individual who buys and sells a particular security in the same trading day at least four times in a five-day period, and for whom same-day trades make up at least 6% of the trader's activity during that period. Pattern day traders are subject to special rules. "

    You need at least 25k in your account to get around since your flagged, i assume its basically like a margin call for 25k
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    Switch to trading the ES, ER2, YM, NQ, tell the NYSE to take a walk.....:D Futures are where it's at....:)
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  6. Here's the thing !

    I used to use this account in the past but now I want to just trade options in it but they won't let me trade anything because it only has 24 k in it.


    This is the stupidest thing I have ever seen.

    So now I have to close this account and open a whole new one ?

    Why not just say that unless an account has over 25k it can daytrade but under it can not?
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  8. I'm still here. From time to time I still throw my 2 cents in (which is worth only about 1 cent). lol
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