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    Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me if options trading (stock or index options) are subject to pattern day trade requirements? I always thought they were immune and that only stocks were subject to the rules. I'm having option orders rejected in my IB TWS today for "potential pattern day trade" issues, for the first time ever. What do you all know about this and does anyone have a good link to the official rules?

  2. TWS is probably just f^cked up today...only stocks (US only) are subject to PDT rules.

    hehe - i bet that if the mkt recovers (you know, after bush gets the boot LOL) the SEC will claim it's because of the PDT rule...
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    Fuc&*ed up!!! Same thing happened to me Friday, EBAY unavailable to short,Changed margin req. with no notice,every order pre market was rejected "unable to value contract" TWS not working properly etc.
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    where can i learn more about PDT rules???
  5. how can we get rid of the PDT rule? do we americans want this? no. so why does it still exist?
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    Does anyone know what the liquidity and spreads will be like on single stock futures? Thanks
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    We still didn't get an answer to the original question: do these rules apply ? I never had any problems with IB, trading something like 50-100 options a day, now I suddenly have. I contacted help and now they say these rules apply to any security, I sent a mail back "what about futures ?" but if I read right, it must be the same, so that won't be any solution. Thus anyone know more about this, or a firm where i can daytrade options. This certainly a new interpretation of the rule on IB's side: I found this on their website: : aq.html~top.body Do the new day-trading rules apply to options, futures, and non-US stock? No.
  9. sorry but I am as curious a s the next guy
    and think we will find out next friday the 25th when One chicago rolls out their SSF's

    then in early Nov ( the 8th) when NQLX rolls out their SSF's

    we will be able to see what their numbers looks like

    as far as liquidity , spreads etc
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    Do the new day-trading rules apply to options, futures, and non-US stock? No. These new restrictions do not apply to options, futures, and non-US stock trading
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