Pattaya - The Ultimate Trading Location

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  1. Places like NYC breed negative emotions and thinking that has tanked many a trader's account. Those places are also very expensive and fun cannot be had all the time. I know frustration can be had all the time in NYC, but certainly not fun.

    Let there be no doubt. The best place in the world to trade is Pattaya. No matter what happens to your trading account there, believe me, happiness can always be found. Everyday is a happy day in the land of smiles.

  2. Been there, done that.

    Is that Jomtien?
  3. This picture was taken from the top of the "Pattaya City" sign. To bottom right of the photo you have the entrance to Walking Street.


    hey u 2
    tks for the reccos
    but did u actually live there for a while & trade?
    what about key issues like offshore a/c s - taxes - i-net ?
    THB is not freely convertible?

    from what i see , ever since they overthrew thaksin, tht country has been goin down the tube - strikes every month - treat tourists like crap - shut down airports -

    i'm really surprised to hear any foreigner wanting to live there till they fix it

    not pissing on you - thailand seems like crap to me for biz - just curious - what r u seeing tht i'm not?

    since we r trdrs - we do share some common needs

    glad to hv ur inputs
  5. What about wireless internet ?

    Reliability , price ,speed ?
  6. I think anywhere you go in the world a reliable internet connection of high enough speed can be had for the right price. Go to and you can see the speed results from all over the world.

    The price in Pattaya for everything is generally less then in the United States...substantially less. I believe the condos you see in this picture can be bought for 250-500k and rented for a song.

    I am standing on a helicopter pad and the condos in the background overlook the ocean. About a half kilometer down the road is "Walking Street" which is basically one huge red-light district filled with women who are willing to walk off with you for 50-100 dollars a night. Go to youtube and type in Walking Street.

    I can rent a speedboat to go off to Rock Island, parasail or do other activities.

    Fun, wholsome or otherwise, is abundant.

  7. Are you sure that those "women" are indeed women? :cool:
  8. Let me correct your english. "its basically one huge red-light district filled with PROSTITUTES who are willing to walk off with you for 50-100 dollars per night."
  9. Yeah thats true....some of them could be "katoeys"
  10. joe4422


    The Pattay daily news is restricted by the Thai government to report no more than 2 suicides/ murders per day. Give it a read some time. I once read about a German man who had cut his own tongue out, slit his own throat, tied his hands behind his back, and jumped into the hotel swimming pool. That was the official police record and it was recorded as a suicide. Atleast 1 foreginer a day goes out a Pattaya window, so I wouldn't exactly call it paradise. If you're lookiing for whores, drugs and booze, it's disneyland. If not, this is a big world we live in. There are a million places better than Pattaya, and alot cheaper too.
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