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    I was wondering what everyones experience of options trader software is. Do you need three platforms to support it?

  2. I haven't tried PATS yet but for my options and futures portfolio i am testing a new site called RiskBox. it's got a really useful gui for managing my portfolio on Liffe and Euronext options. It covers US exchanges as well so it's worth a look while it's still on free trial! You can sign up at and have a play with it!
    I found it really useful so far, it just doesn't include execution yet :(

    Out of all the things on the net, I haven't seen anything which is as integrated with as many functionalities: VaR, stess testing and more on my portfolio in real-time. :) I have a friend who is just using it for his spot FOREX and running P&L on that as well!

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    Thanks, Ive had a play on J-Trader and it seems pretty good and easy to use although its too easy to sell or buy shares more times than you want.
  4. RiskBox doesn't allow you to sell, I still have to use my broker for that.

    I think in a way that is good to separate your portfolio/risk management from your broker/execution system so you don't accidently trade!

    With RB I can put in pretend trades in my portfolio and see how my p&l would shift, etc and then if I like what they do I can always make the trade!

    That way I don't lose out by buying/selling when I don't want to!