Patsystems JTrader Improvements

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Cdntrader, Feb 16, 2002.

  1. A thread for suggested improvements for Patsystems JTrader order entry software.

    I read that Patsystems is currently looking at spending 2 million to improve this software. I'm sure they'll be receptive to feedback.

    This program has promise but seems like it is lacking it certain areas of ease of use. Please post your improvement ideas.


  2. Here are two improvements that would be highly useful for single security directional daytraders:

    1) Integration of Status window with Hot Quote window. This would eliminate the need for switching between two screens for order management.

    2) Integration of stop order creation within Hot Quote window. This would eliminate the need to access the Trade window.

    Both of these suggestions would dramatically reduce the number clicks to get orders created and executed.
  3. As CME is not supporting OCO/OCA I mean OCO* (stored on your computer )...I meant enhanced OCO (like OCA group IB does for stocks)

    Better alarm on price support