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    A lot of people bang on about TT.

    It seems to me, that a lot of old locals and arcades use TT, but all the big money like Lehman etc are using Pats.

    TT say they do more volume on eCBOT, Pats says they have more screens world wide.

    What is J-Trader like? I heard bad stuff about it, but it cant be that bad with this client list....

  2. Its horrendous to the 10th power.
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    Surely all these tier 1's can't be wrong?
  4. I have been using J-Trader through a Japanese
    broker in Tokyo for a number of years. It has only
    crashed once as I can remember. The bid/ask data
    does not lag and is accurate. But the ticker does
    miss some transactions when the traded sizes
    repeat. JT is easy to use but will use up more than
    50% of your CPU.
  5. Xenia


    Maybe lots of small retail traders with account size ~ $2000.
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    Thats my point.

    The retail crowd seem to have a dim viw of J Trader, but Pats have more screens installed than anyone else, and it would seem that they are all in the banks, not just IB's pushing them on to retail traders.

    If the platform was as bad as some say, then I'm sure it wouldn't get a look in at some of these places.

    Check out our list of FCM partners. Decide for yourself.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks Mr CQG. I really wanted to focus on TT v Pats as they are primarily execution fron ends, not quote platforms.

    Obviously TT are embarking on your space now as well with their charting X Study, which is interesting, but when it comes to execution, Pats still seems to be head & shoulders over the rest in terms of execution front ends.

    How many of these FCM's are also using your execution front end?
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    CQG is no longer just a charts/quotes vendor. By industry standard we are now an ISV.

    CQG has developed and surpassed many futures trading platforms in a short timeframe, and we continue to excel.

    We are significantly faster than PATS and now rival TT.

    With capabilities to trade from charts quoteboards order tickets and DOM windows.

    Oh, I almost forgot trading on the integrated client has no charge.

    If you want to stick to PATS and TT..........PATS for support, TT for trading, CQG offers both and I beleive we're better at both.
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