Pats - n - Bears?

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  1. :)

    Daaaaaaamn did Rogers ever ROCK the house in ATL last night. :eek:
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    That was a nice surprise.
  3. Hello


    Really hoping the jets pull off a miracle, as the steelers are 1-6 against tom brady and the Pats since Roethlisberger took over.

    Odds are pretty bad of the jets winning though belichick rarely loses after a bye or after a loss.
  4. I'm going on record...

    We'll beat da Bears,
    but I don't think we'll beat the Seahawks,
    just don't have a good feeling about it...
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    Whose "we" Which team you rooting for?
  6. Deductive reason my friend...

    What's the only team awaiting the winner of the Bears/Seahawk game?
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    Given the high number of patriots fans on this board, and the fact that they will most likely win the AFC, i thought you might be a patriots fan already assuming its in the bag.

    I disagree that the Seahawks have a chance at beating Green Bay, the only way green bay will lose next week is if it is to the bears, someone needs to get pressure on Rodgers, in order to disrupt that offense, and Seattles defense isnt capable of doing that in my opinion.
  8. my picks today...

    Seahawks, Jets
  9. da bears are biggest choke team on planet..Cutler is a loose cannon

    The Brady Bunch have peaked too early..they can't keep playing @110% levels. Jets will pulloff a surprise today
  10. bronks


    Although the reasoning is sound, there would be sooo much satisfaction in beating the Pats in their house. But at the same time, I won't be too upset if the Jets win.
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