Patriots or Pitt?

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  1. Pats.
  2. Pitt all the way.

    They really need Polamalu back to beat the Pats though. The last couple games have shown that they aren't as much of a blitz threat without him. But Pitt is great against NE for one reason. NE is a passing team and Pitt's passing defense is second to none.
  3. I think he's out but Pitt is constently the most over rated team in the NFL going back to the Kordell Stewart days.

    They lost to the Jets let's not forget.

  4. Don't remind me. I didn't even watch that game because I thought it would be a blowout.

    Anyway, to say that they are overrated isn't fair. Number one defense in the league right now. Recent superbowl ring. Recent coaching change and picked up right where they left off. They are always a force.
  5. Very true, they are always good and there was no hiccup after Cower left.

    That was the worst Superbowl in history and they should be required to give their ring back.

    I'll never forget when Kordell Stewart got yelled at by Cower and he cried on the sideline.

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    You are kidding/dreaming right?
  7. BSAM


    Like I was saying.....
  8. That was a pretty convincing win by the Patriots.

    I stand by my comment of Pitt. being one of the most constently over rated teams year after year.

    This season they have two wins against teams above 500.
  9. Actually it was more like kidding/hoping. LOL

    unbelievable number of mistakes. Especially by the DBs.

    I think it woulda been a better game had it not been for 2-3 plays.

    1-- The idiot safety who gave Moss the second TD.

    2-- The retard who got hit by the bad punt.

    3-- The stupid safety who didn't cover deep on the broken play that Moss dropped then bobbled the pass from/back to Brady.

    I mean c'mon. This is the Patriots! Deep passes to the endzone are what they do. Any safety who cheats forward to stop the run against the Pats is a fool.

    I might also complain about the fact that the coaches didn't use Davenport to pound the ball across the goal line from 1 yard out with two tries.
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    Something to do over the off-season #1.
    This fits my main beef with them at the moment. Willie parker doesn't fit Pitts running game scheme. They need a back to pound up the middle and deft enough to go off tackle. I'm not talking Bettis, I'm talking in the vain of Bam Morris. A big back that doesn't necessarily get huge chunks of yards, just someone who can consistently get 3-5 yrds a carry. Someone that the DB's will start seriously thinking about, and the punishment they're gonna take, in the late the 3rd and 4th quarters. Parker does not break tackles. Statistically, they have a good running game. Do other coaches and players give it a second thought? I doubt it. This would also help Rburger a bit.

    Something to do over the off-season #2.
    Aquire a top grade pass rusher. As of now they're pass rush goes to shit when defenses adjust. Please, this is blitzburgh. Somebody needs to get to the QB. Shit, in the '90's they had Greg Loyd AND Kevin Green.

    They really need to stop giving up the long ball in big games. It's actually pathetic how the Patriots do it to them over and over and over........................... again. uhhhgh
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