Patriot Hero Aaron Russo Passes Away

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  1. Patriot Hero Aaron Russo Passes Away

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    Friday, August 24, 2007


    We were saddened to hear of the passing of activist, film maker, freedom fighter and all round maverick Aaron Russo today, who died today after a long battle with cancer at the age of 64.

    Aaron will be remembered fondly for all his achievements, not least of which the excellent America: From Freedom to Fascism, his final movie which exposed the fraudulent basis of the IRS and the Federal Reserve.

    Aaron was a real patriot who loved his country and risked his whole career to stand for the truth. He was an example to us all.

    Aaron Russo was the Samuel Adams of our day, a stalwart defender of liberty, his passing is greatly mourned but his fiery spirit lives on in all of his great work and in his wife, his children and his film America From Freedom to Fascism.

    Our deep condolences go out to Aaron's family and friends at this difficult time.

    God Speed Aaron, we salute you.


    Below is a video interview that Alex Jones conducted with Aaron after the two were able to meet for the first time in January of this year.

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    wrong forum
  3. Unless he died from being short gamma.....
  4. Aaron Russo mentioned in one of his interviews, that in the past he was very actively trading in the financial markets.
    Later, he produced the famous comedy-movie "Trading Places", here's an explanation of the climax scene of Aaron Russos' "Trading Places":

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    Aaron was a character. The first time I met him blew up at me because I said something in defense of Gingrich, who Aaron thought was anti gun rights.

    Later noticed that Aaron has done some excellent work on fighting news censorship, which I consider the biggest problem America has today. Did not know he was sick, but Hollywood has lost a lot of diversity with his passing. God bless him.

    BTW he had a scene in which Lou Rukysier(sp) was stealing hubcaps on Wall Street.
  6. Great video. He mentions the Gold and Silver trading he did and how the IRS backdated law to screw traders retrospectively.
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    Wrong forum but thanks anyway. Russo is a kook, God bless him. We definitely need more like him. His conspiracy hypotheses are improbable, but manipulation of events and their use to further ones political or power agenda is common, and unfortunately mostly ignored by mainstream media (i.e., network TV). The interview is filled with truths, half truths, misconceptions, and misinterpretations. It's nevertheless an interesting point of view, and his first hand accounts of what happened in Chicago are very compelling. His ideas vis a vis democracy vs. constitutional republic equally interesting and worthy of further thought. He didn't evidence a correct understanding of the mechanism of inflation's effect on the American working class, but his conclusions were not that far off.

    Unfortunately Russo neglected to mention the two banking calamities that resulted from the absence of a central bank -- the first one before the first central bank's creation in the 19th century, the second, after that original central bank's dismantlement. Only then, after these two banking failures was the present Federal Reserve system created by congress. There must be some central regulation of a country's banking and money supply, otherwise chaos will result. The Federal Reserve is supposed to be isolated from political influence, hence it was created as a private corporation. The problem in our case might be that the Central bank is not free from political influence (the Fed Chairman is a political appointee is he not?). Perhaps rather than eliminating the Federal Reserve System there should be some reform of its structure and oversight. Perhaps the Central bank should create a level playing field by opening its meetings to public scrutiny and announcing policy changes in advance, as in other countries. Perhaps the principles of capitalism when exercised by the Central Bank have not been kind to the average citizen. Thanks again.