Patrick Byrns goes crazy on CNBC

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  1. Did anybody see patrick on cnbc, that guy's gone freaking crazy. lol
    I wasn't surprised that he didn't try to strangle ron ensena.
    So does he have a case or doesn't he?
  2. is that OSTK CEO?
    he's a cool guy I think
  3. lol yeah, hes hilarious...but he was going nuts...he was like insider trading...the jumping to shorts...he was all over the place...saying there were

  4. Listen to the lawsuit webcast today on their webside if you want a good laugh. Good to see a rebel and someone original out there though. He seems a little paranoid shizo though.
  5. You knuckleheads dismiss him. But some very powerful interests are listening to him, and if you think Cramers' BS makes you money, wait till the squeeze starts. And it's close.

    To tell you the truth, if I didn't know what I know, if I hadn't heard this stuff for four years, I'd thought he was looney, but he's nuts on.
  6. lol, yeah it happens, but patrick isnt denying his company is doing bad right now, that the sec is investigating him and his company...everything the critics are saying he doesnt deny. He has a gripe with the fact that rocker got insider information. However, he is making a case for naked short selling, in his lawsuit and other claims. However he wont show any proof, he is making alegations. Byrnes is freaking out of his mind right now.

  7. A lot of the stuff he has has already been used to put Elgindy behind bars. Sentencing is 10/1. He doesn't have to show us proof. He has to show DOJ and regulators and a court proof.

    This past week, Sedona corp (SDNA) was granted discovery. Generally the firms and bad guys roll over when this happens. Settle, whatever. I don';t think Patrick is interested in money. I think he wants blood. These guys are not above death threats. He talked about the games they play, but one CEO was threatened, and the company had to pay for round - the - clock survellience.

    To understand the stakes,all you need to do is look at Refco. I 'm sure you know what a Well's Notice is. That means, we already investigated. And do you think it's the only company (SDNA) that this happened to? and do you think this happened in a vacuum?

    Since this is a trading forum. think about OSTK. The shorts have a listed NMS company, with the NASDAQ trying to clean this mess up, with the States looking down their throat, and they've got people who know what's up trading the stock, and they are going to have a run on Certs. Now rather than debate the merits, of which you know little, watch the trading and make a buck for yourself.

    I would suggest you brush up on "buy - in's". It's been a long time since they've happened, but they need guaranteed cert delivery, not always available at the offer. It's time for a little payback. I made a few bucks Friday when Pat was on CNBC. I was so busy in the morning, I missed the easy entry. I won't Monday. :) Instead of trading Google for $5 swings, I'll trade OSTK for $5 swings with the possibility a squeeze happens. Watch everyday around 1EDT. That's when they make the call.
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  9. ...fine. just go to, oh, $150 -175 first. Never said I was a fundie.
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