Patrick Byrne on Spitzer

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  1. Good stuff!

    I'm a retail broker, and the "Spitz or swallow" jokes are still flying around the office.:D
  2. someone accussed me of being dilusional on another thread.

    Here is Bill Cara lauding Patrick:

    In the Body, you will see that the Inspector General of the SEC had my friend in to talk about corruption at the SEC. With great joy, we documented how the agency backed Wall St., submarined honest money managers by ignoring requests, then subpoeanaing them on other matters, how the STATE of LOUISIANA went to them and was snubbed. I provided them correspondance w/Barney Frank, Harvey Pitt, Chair at the time, problems at exchange.

    So, never doubt the verasity of a small groups of pissed off Joses'.
  3. sure... dunno wot dis spitzer guy wuz on about... whats wrong about henry bludgit touting this or that stock even if he says internally that its a total POS of a firm with no prospects whatsoever... isn't the man allowed to hav his opinion or what?

    :p :p :p

    no seriously fly, lots of my mates are brokaz and i love them but i'll say this: fuck all the brokaz, every single one of them, every time u can... that won't even hurt them... thats what they do to u and to each other every second that passes...

    :p :p :p

    now the melv weiss thing was a tad troublin'... thks for the link
  4. People always ask how Cramer got away w/so much. Obviously, Spitzer was his watchdog.

    It certainly explains his recent behavior. You know, savior of the masses.
  5. Patrick in on Cavuto tonight, Tuesday, Apr 8 , at 6 Eastern FBN.

    I think it will be interesting.