Patrick Byrne on Cramer................

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  1. This, my friends, is how it's done. I've been waiting a long time for this. Read it, study it. Changing calls on the, violating the uptick rule. This is wonderful. And go back and read the Steinhardt piece. Great theater and market history.

    and you guys think you can compete withthis? LOL
  2. Too bad, I thought that Cramer had him as a guest on his show when I saw this thread. That would be worth watching!
  3. jhithers


    I am not a Cramer fan, but at the same time Patrick Byrne is a complete whack job. He embodies the "take no responsibility/blame everyone else" philosophy, and if he spent as much time focusing on running a company as he did on his ramblings and crying like a pussy, OSTK's stock price might be the better for it.

    Or he could just resign and they could put a competent person in his place.
  4. sarahs


    a good b-school project would be to analyze cramers call record
  5. Every aspect of life is governed by written rules and unwritten rules. Cramer teaches the "how to" lessons of the unspoken unwritten rules.
  6. gaj


    gotta quote it all since it echoes my feelings perfectly.

    OSTK is a good idea, terribly run. (when i was involved with selling things) i wished they had a competent person at the top of the chain to run the company. but he's a complete buffoon.
  7. I probably know him better than you. I don't recall him blaming anyone. I recall him, on calls, saying 'my bad.'. You know not of which you speak. This piece has nothing to do w/OSTK. It has to do with a cartel doing wrong and reaping millions.
  8. jhithers


    lol. Of course it has to do with OSTK - PB is the CEO. And if he spent more time running the company properly and less time posting on ET and bitching and whining about conspiracies, etc., the shareholders would be a lot better off.
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  10. I don't know what else to say. :D :D:D
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