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    WTF?I`m so fucking sick and puke of the word ''Patience'' so hard,so every time i see this word when i read something,i want to crack my screen or the head of the author who wrote about PATIENCE!!!

    Now i`m reading the horoscope now....

    -''You got to be patient...''

  2. Old people with the least prospect of future time would rightfully be impatient whereas youth should be patient = all the time in the world. But it just doesn't work that way.

    So hurry up, blow your horn, get people out of your way, take control, get things done faster you have plenty of time to correct mistakes later.
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    "Patience" is a trap-parasite-word.When you do something you love to do,you don't need or you don't even think about patience.

    "Just be patient" WTF is that means? Patient for what???I'm not hurry anywhere ,I don't expect anything.

    "Patience is the key" The key to what??My eggs are the key!

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    Have you always been this impatient?
  5. when you heard the little voice whether from your inner side or others "be patient", while you are trading, that is a distraction.

    just ignore it.

    some people asked me in my church "what i am doing", I said I am trading futures, options and stocks. then they always gave me some "be cautious, it is dangerous", even with a story about someone he/she know failed badly in trading. avoid them totally!

    after many times, I found "be cautious" is a distraction. when I see an opportunity, I need pull trigger right away, but this "be cautious" little voice whispered into my ear, I hesiste.

    ignore those non-professional's suggestions. they may give out generously due to true good intention, but actually harmful.

    focus on what you need do, then you will not hear those non-senses.

    "be brave"
    "be greedy"
    "be painful"
    "be patient"
    "be cautious"
    "be polite"
    "be honest"
    "be nice"

    all are just non-senses, bad suggestions, very negative, totally distractions!

    I do agree.
    when you meet someone who comes out of those words, run away as soon as possible.

  6. that is why I believe trading is not psychology.

    but some non-professionals try thieir best to sell "you need a stay in the zone mindsets".

    actually whether you have good psychology or bad psychology,
    it does not matter. since market will not change because you have a good psych or bad psych.

    if you are mad, then the market will do what you want it to do, absolutely not.

    if you are clear minded, then the market will honor you and do what you hope it to do, absolutely not.

    there is no connection between "what your mindsets and the market movements".

    market moves it does not care what you want, it does not care what you wish/hope, it does not care who are in it, it does not care how you feel, it does not care how patient you are, it does not care how cautious you are, .....

    one day I was mad, I said to myself I want to lose 3k, so blindly counter-trend traded, shut down my computer, go fishing, I thought I will lose lot of moneys, but when I came back, all green, and I made more than "I want to lose".
  7. listen to Solo red cup 20 times.

    really screwup your mind.

    lol... he isn't patient

    no one cares that you do not get it. No one!!!!!!

    All succesful trading is a paracitic endeavor. At least read Larry Harris page 199.
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    Yes i know,thanks.I wasn`t about trading though.

    ''The Patience'' parasite word is used where there is nothing left to say.And that is really fucking sad.It`s not only about trading.
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    Thank man,you got it right!

    Bullshit-parasite-trap words,suggestions from the dickheads.
  10. I think it gets much easier to know your own psychological roadblocks once you experience your reaction to a winning trading system, real time with your money.

    I don't think patience is the problem, just unwillingness to take trades that have the winning setup.

    What's a winning setup? One that makes money. :D

    How to find one? Find yourself, in the market. Unfortunately, in the process, you find all your hidden problemz.......
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