Pathetic watching Republicans bitch about Obama after they dam near destroyed this

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    I mean seriously, a group of people couldn't have fucked this country up as bad as Republicans did, especiall with all the BORROWING FROM CHINA, BECAUSE OF ALL THE SPENDING BILLS FROM 2000-2006.

    Now these sad excuses from human beings are relying on Obama to clean up the crap they left behind. And funny the way their bitching about it, because Obama didn't fix things the FIRST MONTH IN OFFICE.

    People, when a certain political group, for their own personal reasons, nearly destroys a country, MORE THEN A MONTH IS REQUIRED TO FIX IT.

    Now look, I know you Republicans are DUMB AS FUCK. But seriously, you guys can't understand that some things take time? I know when money IS THE ONLY THING YOU CARE ABOUT, you can be impatient, but seriously, go try to pick up some young gay teens (the new republicans pastime), go pick on some poor black people or mexicans to make yourselves feel good, get back to jerking off to Sarah Palin, PLEASE DO SOMETHING OTHER THEN BITCH EVERY 5 MINUTES ABOUT OBAMA.

    I'm starting think Republicans are getting away from picking up gay white men, maybe their ready for some gay jungel fever? I don't get the obsession.
  2. Republican's deepest obsession is power and control over others, and now that they are not in power, all they can do is try to get back in power.

    It is killing them having to be under the dems for the time being, just killing them.

    So like the spoiled children they are, they cry, cry, cry...because they are not getting their way, and because they are so self centered and never learned to compromise or share, it is extremely painful for them...

  3. lol spoken like a true lib who wants to see the US economy & stock market fail.
  4. I see. So if McCain was president the market and economy would be doing great.

    8 years of a false economy based on corruption and borrowing...and another "stay the course" president would be the choice of the republicans.

  5. Not great, but better than Obama's economy.
  6. This economic crisis was created by people of both parties - Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Barney Frank...and countless other politicians from both sides. The seed was planted long ago and it has been festering for a long time and just within the past year or two has started to unravel. All this finger pointing, blame game, and "who me?" b.s. from politicians on both sides is humorous but pathetic. Everybody needs to accept their share of blame so we can move forward rather than continuing this blame game. But hey - that's the Washington way and probably always will be. Politics always gets in the way of progress.
  7. Obama has been president about a month.

    What you are seeing in the real economy is the Bush economy.

    The stock market is a lousy predictor of reality going forward, as the DOW made all time highs in late 2007...

  8. You seem to have forgotten who McCain's economic advisor was . . .

    I'll give you a hint:

    He helped spearhead legislation in December of 2000 that lead to the creation of roughly $70 TRILLION in credit default swaps, not too mention the ability for an Enron to "game" the power grid of what was then, the 6th largest economy in the world (California) during a Recession; creating 38 blackouts defined as Stage 3 which lead to even more stress on the state's economy not too mention traffic accidents, injuries, and even several fatalities.

    All without one single committee hearing, or even a recorded vote - - - and cleverly stuck inside the "FY 2001 Appropriations Act".

    Another brilliant appointment by John McCain.
    Almost rivals the choice of Palin.
  9. Here they come.