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    After searching the Microsoft site and giving up I'm hoping someone has an answer here. One of my hard drives crashed, then came back up after I did a chkdsk /f. It is missing a bunch of desktop folders and my outlook express seems to have been reverted to as if it were a first time setting up the computer. There seems to be a .bak folder made at some point, but that only brings up the blank version of Outlook express, not the one with a couple email addresses they i had before the crash. I would like to see if the files are still there on the drive, but I can't figure out what the path is to mail in Outlook express. Anyone know where your mail is stored when it comes in? I tried finding the folders by tracking from my other computers, but can't figure it out. Thanks for any help!
  2. outlook express files are .dbx files. try this:
    C:\Documents and Settings\yourcomputername\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{DDDCBB44-8181-3346-BCF5-5F7809FFF\Microsoft\Outlook Express\
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    Thanks, it gets me closer. I think. On Win2000 and seems to go through Windows folder to ap data/identites/{blahblah}/microsoft/outlook express/ then there are 4 folders..cleanup, folders, inbox, offline. None of which I can open in a readable format. I'll keep working with what you gave me and see if I can figure it out. Nothing critical on this computer, but I would like to at least get the email that was in the 2 id's recovered. Guess I know my weekend will be fun. :) Thanks again
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    If you know the location (as it looks in this case) then open the outlook express and set up another file location. Next try to import from where you think the message reside.

    PS this is why I backup the "my documents" folder. But I have re-located it (together with Outlook express) so that i do not get all the other crap.

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    Thanks, will give this a try too. I do back ups also, but hadn't done this computer in a bit. Funny thing is 2 days ago I told a friend I was due for a hard drive failure, because I've never had one. Should have never said a thing. :p
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    Make sure that your windows explorer is set to show hidden/system files otherwise you (and search) will not be able to see them.

    Do a search for *.dbx or inbox.*


  7. this might work give it a-go will only take 2min

    go-to start click run

    type, scanregw /restore

    pick a date
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    Thank you all! I have found the paths, and I think all the email. I was able to import it, but not sure it will stay as the system seems to be pretty unstable. Each time I restart I get a message stating that an I/O operation intiated by the registry is unrecoverable and any changes to the system will be gone. So although some programs come back each time, like my X-Trader, virus program, Win office, a bunch of others are flushed to a .bak folder and don't show on the desktop anymore. Otherwise it seems to run fine, so not sure what happened. I guess it's time to get a new hard drive and or system. Thank you again for the help, I hope I am able to help when yourselves or others need it!
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