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    the mind, and to heal others. Does the soul exist in other dimensions? Akasha records? I love you. I love all is love. Healing prayer of love for all life.
  2. Yes, salvation is for the mind. Salvation is healing of a confused mind.

    The mind is the creative aspect of the Mind-Spirit perfection that is God created it...equal to Himself.
    Salvation is achieved by peace of mind.
    Peace comes from within.
    Peace is within your rightful inheritance.

    When mind seems to divorce it's allegience to spirit, it "sleeps" and "makes" dreams, but does not create reality.

    Mind devoted to spirit's opposite - form - is what makes up what is called the universe...from the big bang and so forth.

    A mind dividing its devotional attention between opposites will be in conflict - lose peace - and gradually dissipates power as it reaches a painful stalemate with itself. And this division of power chains the mind down to self-bondage.

    All those perceiving a world of violence are dividing their attention between the Kingdom of God and an upside-down kingdom of darkness.

    To be in the Kingdom of God is simply to have your full attention upon it.

    Consciousness symbolizes a split in mind.
    Consciousness requires something other than One Spirit to be conscious of.

    Complete healing would restore this divided concept of self to a Whole Self...restoring peace of mind.

    The universe of time, space and form is ultimately a symptom to be healed.
    As the cause is healed, the symptom disappears back to nothingness from which it arose.
    True healing deals with cause and strengthens.
    Magic deals with effects and weakens.
    Magic may be helpful when used in on a healing path.

    As the creative power of mind is given over to an unreal idea [ie. separation] a complex web is spun out of nothing.

    "Laws" are made up to govern the web. The natural abstract nature of the perfect mind gives way to specifics, choices, judgements, selections, and an endless naming of separate "things" and concepts and thoughts.

    Faith itself was made to make such a universe, and faith makes it seem real. Faith gives power to the various beliefs that make up the web.
    Faith gives mass and stability to mountains, bodies...etc.

    Like faith, perception was also a tool made up to make the universe of form. And perception operates on a twisted form of a law within the Kingdom. The result is that all bodies are merely perceptions. This includes elves and Pleaidians.

    Nothing in the realm of perception is every for certain. It is a land of doubt because knowledge had to be denied and repressed in order to achieve it. Thus, it is a self-imposed state of ignorance for purposes of building an unreal kingdom that is opposite in every way to the Kingdom of God.

    The mind explores every iteration of the idea of separation...taking it as far as its pain threshold allows...until it says, "To hell with this, I'm waking up". And that is the end of time forever.

    The world is now in the early stages of waking up, approximately midpoint since its inception in time.

    My awakening marked the turning point of a long journey away from Home. It sparks a chain reaction in which the chains of bondage are released from each seemingly separated mind. As each aspect of mind awakens, it becomes a vital link in the chain of salvation pulling the entire mind out of faith in this universe.

    Healing is about making the mind whole, one seeming aspect of it at a time.

    The idea that one mind can be carved up, sectioned, fenced and privatized is what makes the universe and it's symbols sick. Death follows.

    The mind is first healed of all it's distorted perceptions. With perception aligned closely with reality, the step from perception back to knowledge is short. Thus ends the ideas of duality, consciousness, separation, energy, change, time, form etc. These are merely forgotten, and the universe they built fades away.

    Along with faith and perception, memory was invented to make this universe. An example of memory is symbolized by the "Akashic records".

    In the process of healing, everything that has been made to make this universe is used - converted - to the purpose of unmaking it.

    For example, perception can be used to separate, or it can be turned around and be used for the path back to oneness.

    Faith can be given to truth instead of to illusions. Think of faith as a little willingness to let what is true be true.

    Memory is likewise converted. On the path of healing, memory is used to remember what is "now". To "remember me" is to remember our shared Identity which is in the ever present always...the eternal now.

    By contrast, this universe is all in the past. Those who seem to be in the universe are virtually stuck in the past while memory is used for the past.

    The body is a time machine that exists only in the past, or in anticipation of a future.

    Time is relative to consciousness which is a function of the idea of separation. Separation fosters guilt which becomes the state of consciousness that binds the body to a linear mode of existence in time.

    A healed mind, one that does not accept any division and therefor does not foster guilt, would not have a body that appeared in time except for teaching purposes.

    As an outpicturing of the a completely mental experience...the body can respond to a healed mind by appearing and disappearing in any time zone. For such a mind is free.

    And when it appears, it has just as much "mass" as any other body...proving that bodies are merely perceptive illusions.

    The world is set up to seek freedom for the body. This unfortunately weakens the mind, binding it to a body as if it were a prison. And neither will be much free. To seek freedom of mind strengthens it, and also the body.

    The appearance of a body indicates a mind in need of healing. A healed mind uses a body simply to alert others who think they are bound to body that they are free...informing them of the path to healing. And this is healing for both mind and body.

    A body used only for communicating a healing message remains healthy and fit for it's purpose. If it seems to die, it will rise from the dead. It demonstrates. That might look like resurrection for one messenger, or age reversal for another.

    Healing is completed when willingness is given to be guided by the Voice of our shared Will...until there is but one Will, fully integrated, replacing the idea that there is more than one will to express.

    As the Will of our shared Identity guides the day to day actions of your mind-body concept, the final lessons are learned for your complete healing....and thus your complete awakening.

    And that is the "resurrection".

    Re: The Soul

    In the dream of separation, the "soul" is a powerful source of many identities all of which exist simultaneously in various dimensions of the holograph of time. In linear mode they appear as consecutive incarnations, accumulating experiences, beliefs, perceptions, greivances, and healing lessons along the way.

    An ascended master could sit on a couch in front of your bodily eyes, and virtually rolodex through thousands of bodily forms you have appeared in throughout time. And each form would have the exact feel to touch that any other body would seem to have.

    And yet, all souls share one Identity...the power of Whom is beyond man's imagination. But just to give you an idea, consider that this entire universe and all of it's millions of years of time, and all of it's complexity and seeming beauty...all of it was made and unmade in a mere instant as passing and insignificant as a green flash at sunset.

    When perceptions are corrected, you are able to see a symbol of this Identity standing behind, and beyond each and every body you look at. Right NOW, there are great rays of light extending from each body far beyond the sky. The sight is the most beautiful you have every seen or imagined with the bodies eye-mind perceptions.

    To see this Light is to experience the effects of a healing mind. This experience awaits all those on the path of healing.

    Any other questions? Pleased to be of help.

    Peace be with you.

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    Sananda real of fake Jessus? Fear is an illusion. Heaven I want to wake up, not heck I want to wake up.I heard the name of possible False phrophet, anti christ mentioned with Asended Masters. To question is to seek knowledge. I love all is love. I love you. Pease
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    Sananda real of fake Jesus? Fear is an illusion. Heaven I want to wake up, not heck I want to wake up.I heard the name of possible False phrophet, anti christ mentioned with Asended Masters. To question is to seek knowledge. I love all is love. I love you. Pease
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    peace be with you
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    What I read is truly beautiful. I misspelled, and misread to heck with this. I want to wake up. I should remove judgement of self? Living with separation for a longtime. A healing prayer of love for all.
  7. Yes, there is a process to remove judgement of self.

    And this is because the world began with a judgement upon Self, which happened to be incorrect.

    The "last judgement" is a process in which your individual judgement is given over to the One Self to be decided.

    To that One it is given all knowledge of what time holds. He knows all, beyond the mistakes that perception forces.

    Know this, you will always be judged innocent.

    And when you follow this judgement in your perceptions of others, you will be removing guilt from the one mind that thought it was guilty, and then projected that outward into an uncountable number of fragments of symbolized by the big bang.

    In other words, you will be removing the belief in guilt from your mind.

    The healing path is about the washing away of this belief in Self guilt in the deep recesses of a split mind.

    Do your part, and the One will do His to wash away the gunk, removing vast dimensions of time in which you no longer have need for more "lessons".

    Thus, habitual, informed "forgiveness" is the fast track to waking and healing.

    Forgiveness is for You.

    And as you give it, you shall receive it.