Patenting a trading strategy !? ;-)

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Should patents for trading strategies be awarded and could they be enforced?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Not sure

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  1. cnms2


    I just read the following on another board, then checked it out.

    I didn't have the patience to read the full patent disclosure, but the idea of patenting a trading strategy seems ridiculous.
    • For those who never heard of Kim Snider she offers a 2-day seminar
      to teach her Snider Investment Method (SIM) at a cost of $3000+. For
      more info on Kim and the seminar you can visit her website at:

      A patent application for SIM was published in Sep 2005. Those
      interested can read the patent at the US Patent Office website.

      Click the link below to search on a patent number

      then enter the patent number 20050216390

      It's strange that she requires all seminar attendees to sign a non-
      disclosure agreement, and has very little info about her method on
      her website, other than the results, but then files a patent
      application, which is publicly available, disclosing the method.
      The patent doesn't contain all the details, but any experienced
      trader can fill in the blanks.

      It'll be interesting to see if the patent is granted. If so, it
      could spell trouble for any other covered call vendors out there.
  2. Once she owns the patent, then she can pursue claims against anyone who infringes.
  3. Patent law is getting out of control. it wouldn't suprise me if this got granted. Maybe under business methods.
  4. nkhoi

    nkhoi Moderator

    putting on a bull spread could be in violation of her pattern :D
  5. cnms2


    I wonder why she did it? Why did she pay the application fees?

    I suppose she just wanted something to scare her trainees into keeping her course information secret, so she could trick others into attending it. Am I too devious? :)
  6. This patent will never be enforceable.

    What % of premium is considered to be infringing.

    What is the cutoff date for executing the next months covered call on the stock in question

    Too many variables to track for her to be able to sue anyone with any regularity.

    If anything, she might be able to go after hedge funds....but individuals like ourselves....

    Well, lets just say she has a better chance at winning the lottery
  7. Sure if you want to get sued over product warranty when it doesn't work every time.

  8. on this board we have our own Charlie Dow / Proflogic / William (Bill) Schamp who has filed a patent application to use an ergodic used with the Larry Williams HH - LL and minor LL - HH.

    His system is curvefitted to todays sideways market and it is very obvious he is using it to impress / bully people.

    Something loose in the minds of these people but what is more alarming is the crazyness of the patent office. After all this is not what the patent office was created for.

  9. riskaverse305

    riskaverse305 Guest

    she wants to patent her trading strategy for one reason, to protect its sales. Her willingness to share her method ensures its complete worthlessness.
  10. Should patents for trading strategies be awarded ?

    By all means.
    It would make it much easier to quickly spot the things that don't work - nobody is ever going to patent the holy grail.

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