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    Does anyone know anything about this firm? The forum search yields nothing.
  2. Patak is awesome. 60/40 split if you make under 100k, then moves to 70/30 then 80/20 as you make over certain levels.

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    what about commission rates and software? and what buying power do they offer? Im assuming you use firms money as why the hell else would you trade futures prop especially with a payout scale?
  4. Has anyone learned anymore information? I would be curious to hear what kind of software they are using?

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    They use T4.
  6. Great Thank You! I'm curious if you have any other information worth sharing.
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  8. I would be curious myself. My buddy is calling them tomorrow. Obvious signs of scam would required capital contribution, bogus training, etc. It would be refreshing to find a legit firm.
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    Feel free to PM any questions. I traded with them for 6 months.
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    I can't say if it is a scam. But, when I contacted them they only wanted 1 month of performance and wanted a fairly significant return. 1 month performance doesn't mean anything. You need 3 to 6 month to have any idea.

    The model is likely to make money from the simulation fees and to roll those over to fund the traders. They do not tell what they fund their traders at which is suspicious.

    I think they had some college students doing the program. They also had competitions which no serious trader would care about.

    It could be a low risk way to take a shot. As long as you know that the model looks geared to making money from the simulation fees.
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