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What is your opinion of

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  1. Positive opinion

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  3. I don't know

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  1. Hello all....I began a poll yesterday, however members told me my title was slightly negative given this is a poll that is supposed to be neutral. I'm reposting this with that fix....

    Given the recent debate on TST, I think it would be helpful to poll opinion on ET. My apologies for having an additional thread, however I cannot post a poll as a post in the others, just a thread -so bear with me. :-o

  2. Mr_You


    "I don't know", in my case, should also qualify as "I don't care".

    Personally I think bad mouthing any organization without having been an actual customer is in very bad taste.
  3. gmst


    From memory, your initial poll was something like:

    Patak/ where desperate/broke traders go:
    positive opinion
    negative opinion
    I don't know

    It was absolutely the appropriate title - because if a futures trader has 30k in his account, he will not go to Patak to take a profit split and pay higher commissions.

    Patak makes any sense at all only for broke and desperate traders.
  4. DT3


    gmst I think we've had enough of your nonsense. Keep your negative posts to one thread we don't need your bs in every thread. Here's the truth about gmst he's a has been trader that has blown out so many times he probably can't even afford the cost of the combine. Stop trolling
  5. gmst


    And how much money you made you fool in 2010, 2011, 2012?

    Why not you go ahead and do combines and report back your experience. You are the 95%.
  6. gmst


    I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Take me on the bets that I have offered in the TST thread. Common man, take me up. Or otherwise, shut up, if you can't put your money where your mouth is.
  7. DT3


    gmst can you just answer this question are you currently trading? How much is your account size?

    To answer your questions I have made $47k from 2010 to date thanks for asking.
  8. gmst


    Well, then let me apologize. Because I thought you are a newbie and are losing money.

    Yes, I am currently trading, sharpe 3+ over last 3 months. Know very well, it doesn't mean much because the time horizon is so short.

    Look - my only problem with Patak is all the numbers I have run and common sense says their main aim is making money from combine income and commissions. Their main aim is not at all funding good traders. Anyways.
  9. DT3


    and my problem is you are coming in here bashing Patak yet again. The first thread was taken down because it was biased and served no purpose, what you posted is exactly what this thread doesn't need.

    Look you've made your opinion clear in the two other threads, we don't need it here as well.
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