Pat Tillman's Mom

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Illum, Jun 3, 2009.

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    Is a moron. Her son was shot by accident. He gave up an NFL life to serve in a shit hole for his country. He was a hero to the whole nation. I guarantee you, he was a hero to the Army. They watch football like everyone else. They saw him give that up, to join them. Every single officer involved thought of him as a hero. They gave him a silver star. They later told her the truth. Now she will not shut her mouth. You do not get the silver star for being killed by friendly fire. She is such an idiot and wont let the Army honor him. There is no giant conspiracy, he died, and they have a tremendous amount of respect for him. Does she really think the Army never talks about accidental death?? Her son was special, she is an idiot. You want the truth, you got it, now go away.

    Some college in Mass ran a story when he died saying he deserved it. Not a peep from her. The General today says "We made a mistake, but we still think he deserves the Silver Star, we are sorry." And she is as loud as can be. Even McCain told her to stfu.