Pat Buchanan: End the Wars, Mind our Own Business.

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    Great to see another right-wing luminary talk common sense to a nation devoid of it. Pat hits every note: policing the world is a fools errand, we're going broke, the Iranian terror threat is blown way out of proportion, while the US works with Al Queda in Syria and Libya. IOW, a total joke.

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    The warmongering neo cons will never agree though
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    He's trying to talk his way back into his job at BSNBC.
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    No, Buchanan is just saying what he's always been saying. He opposed the Iraq war from the start. His magazine, The American Conservative, endorsed Ron Paul in 2007.

    Pat Buchanan is a paleoconservative, which is nearly the opposite of a neoconservative.

    Paleocons like limited government. Neocons are all in favor of the growth of the state, particularly at the federal level. It was perfectly consistent for neocons to vote for Bush's Medicare D program.

    Paleocons are skeptical of overseas interventions. Neocons love war.

    Paleocons recognize that human nature is inherently flawed, and are highly skeptical of utopian schemes of world improvement. Necons believe they can remake the nations of the world into their grand vision of corporate controlled "democracies", and are happy to use military force to achieve it.

    Neocons control the Republican Party, and paleocons have been drummed out of it.
  5. While I do not agree with everything he says....

    I will admit that Pat Buchanan has been basically providing the exact same message(s) over the past 30 years. He has not altered his talking points or beliefs with the intent of landing a media job.
  6. What I wanna is where did they get all those weapons:D :D
  7. 377, and 666, watch this video and deconstruct it. You are both calling for war with Iran. I have said they are no threat, and Pat Buchanan, of all people, agree with me.

    Where are you guys at on this one?
  8. I am going to buy his book now. I want to read it.
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    I'm calling for war with Iran?

    You mischaracterize the body of my posts and seem to have a weird obsession with me RCG. I would appreciate it if you stopped framing what you think I represent in incorrect terms. I'll speak for myself when I think I should.

    Pat Buchanan is a well known anti-semite. He'll say anything and do anything he can to harm Israel including being an islamofacist apologist and phony pacifist. Peel back the veneer and you will find a devout catholic jew-hater.
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    Now anyone who opposes an Iran attack is anti-Semitic? Pat Buchanan is a terrorist sympathizer?!!? That's ridiculous. Buchanan is a hardcore, America-first, Patriot. C'mon man.
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