Pastor: Mosque protest is on in Dearborn

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  1. Detroit— A Quran-burning pastor says he's "putting his life on the line" to protest outside a Dearborn mosque Friday and remains undeterred by city officials who denied him a permit for public safety reasons.

    But if violence breaks out, Terry Jones doesn't intend to turn the other cheek. He's bringing a .40-caliber semiautomatic pistol and vows to protect himself if the riot that Wayne County prosecutors fear materializes.

    From The Detroit News:

    Maybe he should burn the flag. lmao.

    (Probably wouldn't need a permit).
  2. pspr


    The crescent moon and star flag?
  3. Seems to me, the pastor is going to yell "fire" in a crowded theater but first give you a heads up that he is going to yell "fire".

    Still some people may panic and cause a riot.


    Elmir said the ACLU is also "deeply concerned" that Jones is banned from the mosque.

    "The government is essentially silencing Rev. Jones and his cohorts in anticipation that their message will not be welcome," she said. "We have to remember Rev. Jones has not been accused of a crime. His conduct has never been at issue, it has always been his speech. It's not a crime in the United States to speak freely even if your remarks are hateful, controversial, distasteful or offensive."

    From The Detroit News:$1-‘peace-bond’#ixzz1KLfoKCsk