Pastor in CA arrested for reading his Bible out loud

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    This is the kind of stuff that makes my blood boil! I'm watching fox news in the background around 8:30 AM Eastern this morning, and they showed a video clip of a Pastor reading his Bible out loud (no bullhorn, no yelling. Just reading aloud), in the parking lot of a department of motor vehicles.

    Well well, a Cale-for-neia highway patrol officer was ordered to remove the Bible from the Pastor's hands, and arrest him. Yep, handcuffs behind back, etc.,:mad:

    My questions:

    1. What happened to MY Country? Is this really happening?:mad: :(
    2. Was the Pastor causing a disturbance putting himself or others in danger, or disrupting businesses? NO!!!!!!!!!!
    3. What if he was a towel head reading the koran? Would he have been arrested? HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Never would have happened!!:mad:
    4. What about the occupy this and occupy that shitheads with no jobs disrupting businesses, Wall St, etc.,? They were ONLY arrested when they fought, or did something else criminal.
    5. When are we going to say enough is enough and take OUR Country back BY FORCE restoring the US Constitution?:confused:

    The last I heard, Freedom of Speech was legal via US Constitution. BUT not for Christians though...
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    Yeah, Fox has that effect on a lot of people.
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    Nice try LEAP.

    Mark Mackey and Brett Coronado of Calvary Chapel Hemet often read the Bible or preach in public areas, such as parks and malls. This time, Mackey was reading aloud from the Bible while standing about 50 feet from the Department of Motor Vehicles, which was closed. But the two were arrested because the 15 people waiting in line for the DMV to open were considered to be a "captive audience." The exchange was captured on video:

    These guys were pissing people off by preaching to them in annoyingly loud voices while innocent bystanders were just minding their own business, waiting in line. They were intentionally being a public nuisance and victimizing their captive audience.

    Oh, yeah. You're full of shit, LEAPup.
  4. Would've been OK though if it was the Black Panthers handing out reward posters for the killing of Zimmerman... Or speaking on a loud speaker to that effect...

    Welcome to your new tyranny Americans!
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    Here's the video

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    It seems Barron has blocked videos today. Anyway here is the link to the story and video.
  6. Yes, of course that would be ok. It is california.

    You have to understand, we have a First Amendment to the Constitution, which protects the rights of liberals, big media companies, leftist thugs of any ilk, race hustlers, union goons and their paid mobs, eg Occupy scum, et al, to take over streets , parks, etc destroy peoples' lives, make it impossible for them to work or get to work and generally engage in anarchy.

    The First Amendment also mandates that any observation of traditional religion be carried out in private behind closed doors. lest some libera, atheist, homo activist or muslim be offended or upset.

    I hope I was able to clear this up for you.
  7. :D

    The First Ammendement has a "Free Exercise" clause... The state must have a "compelling interest" in order to stop you from certain religious practices... Preaching on the street does not prove a "compelling interest"...

    The U.S. is now actively engaged in discriminating against Christians for the benefits of minorities and other religious groups...!

    For the record I'm an ex-believer turned atheist but that doesn't mean that I hate Christianity like all these other losers.
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    Tell me how this concerns you Canadians again.
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    The nice thing about this board is I can put people like brass on ignore.:)
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    And with Fox, you can even put reality on ignore.
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