Pastor: God Spared Those Not Killed in colorado shootings.

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  1. Pastor: God Spared Those Not Killed
    July 25, 2012 at 11:32 am Ed Brayton
    In the aftermath of the Aurora shootings, lots of the good people of the local community flocked to the churches for comfort. And then they heard stupid things like this from at least one of the local pastors who had several members of his church at the theater when it happened:

    The pastor said 33 church members had been in Theater 9 and nearby Theater 8 when the shooter unloaded dozens of rounds.

    “I’m very, very happy God spared you,” he said.
    Really? God spared them? So what are you going to tell the families of the ones who were killed? That God didn’t love them enough to spare them? That the ones who survived were just more special than the ones who died?

    Taylor urged parishioners not to focus on the “senseless act of a sinful man,” but rather how they could help their community heal.

    “The atrocity of the innocent losing their lives is the story of Jesus,” he said.
    Atrocity? I thought God was in control of everything? If he decided who would be spared and who would die, he was in control of the whole thing. How could it be an atrocity?