"...Past Performances of developed Automated Systems" Post 'Em Here.

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    Perusing ET's content trove we venture across posts about performance of developed Automated Systems.

    When You do, - Please Post Right Here a Link To That Entry! (right click "Share" in the source post's lower right corner, then left-click on "Copy Link Location", then Paste That Link into an entry in this thread.

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    that looks like a vaudevillian site; glitter, no live trading; goof ball track records; and they are manged accounts, self trading is a joke. This is a sales site.
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    People are dumb enough to fall for this crap? Thats sad and hilarious
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    it is sad and hilarious and so true! I do trade in a robot site managed by a human in real time, day trading. While no track record on the site, there is a video of bot trading with a track record/ P/L day is spiffy. see this video:
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    How do robot traders deal with trading during economic report releases which a responsible day trader would step aside for while doing hands on trading?

    Do users of these systems stay in or step aside?
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