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  1. It may be something simple but I really couldn't find it by googling it. I'm doing research on past gapping stocks. I have the historical data of but don't know what symbols to look at since I don't know what gaps up or down the most in any particular day.

    Is there anywhere I can find it? Thanks!
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    Scan the database for open greater than close.
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  3. %%
    Biggest gaps, up or down generally speaking, come around earnings, or take overs. So with enough data, any stock will gap up or down. TSLA past 52 weeks, has gapped down 14%, gapped up 17%, gapped down 6%. Sure not a stock tip on TSLA , LOL:D:D,:D:D:D:D:D

    % gainers, screen.
    I googled price gaps up in DEC, took me to Plenty of them[up or down] there
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    Research it yourself.

    But make sure you don't have survivorship bias and only use major exchange listed trading periods - you don't want to use periods of OTC trading, as practically everything gaps on OTC.

    Biotechs are particularly gappy due to their sensitivity to trial results.
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    hey, check out our platform, we have developed an advanced filtering mechanism that lets you pull out this exact data (and a lot of other filtering rules):