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  1. Do you keep the same password for all accounts or different passwords for each account?

    I usually keep the same password for most of my accounts (its very difficult to guess)....but should i change them and make them different for security reasons?

    Can the employee or someone who deals with account setups see my password?

    maybe i am just being paranoid, can someone please give me some advice or reassurance. Thankyou for your time!
  2. ElCubano


    keep the same one but do what i do....change passwords monthly
  3. Tuppy


    I have different passwords for each account and manage them with KeePass 1.07. I only need to remember one password and KeePass remembers all the others. BTW KeePass is free.
  4. Is this a good idea to use a service like this? I would think they are a major target of hackers wanting to break into their system and get passwords.
  5. Tuppy


    Are you suggesting the passwords are stored on the internet? KeePass stores the passwords in an encrypted file on your own computer. It seems pretty secure to me.