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  1. Any recommendations on a safe and convenient way to store passwords and have easy access to retrieve them?

  2. LeeD


    Sticky pieces of paper on the monitor bezel are leading at convenience by a large margin.
  3. jprad

  4. I send messages to myself on yahoo mail, and store them in Keepers.
    That way I can access them from anywhere. I don't include where to use them in the email, but I know.
  5. dcvtss


    openssl enc -aes-256-cbc -salt -in passwords.txt -out passwords_cipher.txt
  6. Claudius


    You could fuzzlepot hide them randomly in one of your ET posts. Then when/if you forget it, just come back here/to the thread and waLa1!
  7. pspr


    RoboForm is the best solution. Google it.
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    try and true
  9. Thanks:D
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