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  1. Hi folks,

    I was wondering if WinXP with SP2 has any built in file password security features. I would like to be able to lock out certain data files or applications (the actual .exe file) with a password so that the operator will have to enter a password to get access.

    Does anyone know if any ability to do this?
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    Google "Digital Vault" from Stomp Software. I have been very happy with their offerings.
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    It is critical to ensure that even if your laptop is physically lost or your PC is physically accessed by some intruder, its contents cannot be viewed/used by anyone else.

    Could people who have been using digital vaults comment on your experience. What are the best products available and how safe are they.

  4. Check out encrypted file systems -- better than trying to secure file-by-file.
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    FT71, if you'd like to stay within WinXP itself, then your only option is that XP Pro (not Home), together with NTFS file system, offers the Encrypting File System, or EFS.

    Feel free to Google that for details, but, briefly, in Windows Explorer, right-click on a file or folder - Properties - Advanced - check box for "Encrypt contents to secure data". Pay attention to the warning if it's a file, not a folder.

    The file or folder is now shown in a different color and accessible only to that user. The encryption / decryption process is automatic. There is no user-defined password, so this may or may not be what you are looking for.

    Outside of WinXP, the sky's the limit for encryption options... Check out, e.g., CNET's for some of what's out there.
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    My opinion:

    The best whole disk solution is PGP Whole Disk Encryption. The best virtual disk solution is TrueCrypt. PGP also has virtual disks but I find truecrypt lighter weight (you can bring a small program to mount the virtual disk on a PC w/o TrueCrypt installed, for example -- something you cannot do with PGP).

    PGP does support Aladdin tokens and multiple keys if you need that. TrueCrypt does not.

    Vista's BitLocker is OK but quite complex (and as of yet, less proven than PGP's Whole Disk Encryption). The one advantage of BitLocker for laptops is that it supports TPM chip in your laptop (as I recall PGP will do Aladdin tokens but not use TPM).

    I personally use TrueCrypt virtual disks for all sensitive data.
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    I ran across a pretty interesting piece of security software, sort of an internal zone alarm for a pc it seems. I've installed it but not dug in and put it to use quite yet:
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