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    anyone trading the markets tomorrow??? typically its less volume during this week... and already ontop of ultra lite volume, it may create a difficult trading environment... any opinions or thoughts on this???
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    i love this site... lmao... too funny...
  3. experience should tell you,

    or, just watch and see....

    sometimes the prevailing trend gets accelerated under these light volume conditions...
  4. nitro


    Yes, I will be trading.

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    experience does tell me, however i would like to know the opinions and thoughts of others as well... (thanks for the response)
  6. Happy Pesach gang!

    Enjoy the seder and don't forget to read your haggadah...
  7. gaj


    i'm taking friday off for a 'clear the head' day; when i saw the passover / easter combination coming up, i decided that friday would be a good day for it...
  8. MKT closed friday. No?
  9. Ebo


    Market is closed for Good Friday!
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    ummm... markets closed friday...
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